Nintendo Switch: a sneak peek

Nintendo is making their comeback with a new console, the Nintendo Switch. Basically is a hybrid of home-console and portable-console, with an embedded 2 joystick-the joycon-, and a multiplayer feature (online or through linking with nearby Switch console).

The marketing is a huge success, lot of exposure here and there from youtube channels and gaming medias. The innovation of the console collaborating with a good presentation really tempts you to buy and try it right away. Even the simple snapping sound they made for the Switch’s trademark immediately stuck in your brain.

And it really is, earlier on February Nintendo Switch Pre-Order had been cancelled at several US retailers. This included Target and GameStop reporting that they had ran out of their allocated Switch units and had to shut down pre-orders, which they resume a week later after got a new stock and apparently… still wasn’t enough.

Switch offer many new things to try and explore, one of them is “sliding”. You can see from many videos or ads is that you mostly interact with the hardware by sliding it, slide your Switch screen to the dock that tethered to your TV so you can play it through TV Screen or Slide the Joycon to the Switch Screen so you can play it mobile. It really is tempting cause it is quite innovative for a game console.

Of course it’s still short on games, apart from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Switch still has a little to offer, but I guess not long enough more great video games will make a debut to this console. You know when it can support video games like Skyrim.

But my point is how innovative this console is, it’s what a gamer wants. You still have that traditional feel in gaming (where you sit and play through your TV) and then you can continue your game in a snap shifting to mobile version. Not just that, but the way the console already packaged with two joysticks (Joycon), you can socialise with your friend by playing the Switch outside your home. Other friends that have a Switch can also play together with you by linking, how fun is that when you can play video games anywhere with lots of your friends.

That’s a pack of unique new behaviour in gaming. Considering the pre-order occurrence in the US, and if the success continues to other countries, it will give a big impact in society’s behaviour of gaming and set out a new bar for what a good console might be like. It just need great video games to make it a real game console that a hard-core gamers like. And it’s more perfect if it can reach a wide range of market.


A Look through Persona 5 Opening Theme Lyrics

About two weeks ago was huge a news for the gamers. Atlus Launched its Official (I think) Opening Theme for their biggest franchise Persona 5. Apparently it’s the same as the trailer that we’ve seen before except they inserted small appearance for the new characters and add lyrics for their theme song composed by Shoji Meguro and performed by Lyn. Here’s the link for you who haven’t watched it: ペルソナ5 オープニングアニメーション

Here I’m not gonna talk about the details about the concept nor the story of the game. But, I’m quite interested to look at the lyrics for the Opening theme since Persona are known for its deep-meaning-philosophic lyrics, notwithstanding that maybe the grammar is a bit off. So here I’m gonna break down the lyrics that I got from, and maybe I’ll try to figure the meaning behind the lyrics based by my slight knowledge from every information that I got about their promotions:

Who am I? 
Am I not unique?
Maybe I’m not here at all 

(the 1st verse start with two questions phrase, a person contemplating and questioning him/her self-identity, confused, and doubting that he/she is present in life. The person feels alienated from the world because they can’t be themselves and always trying to conform with the society to be accepted)

Look, the fakers
Blinding us with lies
They’ll break us all of the soul

(the 2nd verse talks about the society itself. The society by what the video game means I think is a society that behave and act like what others wanted they to be, hence being a “fakers”, fakers also lie to themselves so we can’t see their true self. They started to think and scared that the fakers’ “normal-ness” will start contagiously affected them)

Oh, it’s useless!
(Do you know what to do, huh?)
What could it mean that we’re here?
(What does it all mean?)
Can we make a difference?
(Can we really make a difference?)
If we don’t break out of here?

(the 3rd verse explains about how the person hates the way world works, he/she understand and aware there’s something wrong with the world and want to make a change about it but didn’t know how to do it)

Wake up, get up, get out there!
Raise your voice high just like us
Feel the rhyme build up higher
Why does nobody want change?

(the 4th verse is the climax of the song, the person starts to realize he/she needs to stand up and make a change to the world when nobody else wants a change )

Just imagine you’re out there
Swatting lies in the making
Can’t move fast without breaking
If you hold on life won’t change

(the last verse is the justification to the person that the world needs a change because the lies that the society constantly make are hindering their dream in being themselves. And if they don’t make change, it makes their life and the world less-meaningful)

So that is a short warm thought of my opinion about the lyrics which is awesome. I’m not surprised but happy since the lyrics is so Persona-ish and it is quite as I expected to be, so I’m not that disappointed at all. You can even tell what will the theme of the story about just from the lyrics. So what about you? What do you think? If you have a different opinion, feel free to comment!