The Marriage of Digital and Fiction: Emergence of the Post-Truth Era

The truth can be proven if we experienced it with our sense. We heard a cat releasing the “meow” sounds and we approve it, we see the sun is shining bright in Gili Trawangan and approve that it is the source of light, we smell our mother’s cooking some delicious Beef Rendang and we approve the smell, we taste the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and appreciate the taste. Those are facts and the way we feel about it is subjectively created in our mind. For a long time, our sense is the most traditional media we used to tell how we feel about something.

The Digital Media though, is a unique phenomena. This time bending machine spread texts like mad, really mad. Text about human experiences are in here, just by using our eyes, we can record many data from the written text from the monitor display to the brain and then you know at least how Antartica looks and feels like. Surprisingly, humans do enjoy the cyber world and have spoil them much until its credibility trustable enough for them. Whenever a story or news exposed to the consumer/audience/user in the digital media, immediately people will start to believing it without any preemptive caution.

The news is viral, it’s like a virus, but it’s a fiction in digital, a fiction that shapes the public opinion. This virus is the people who likes bending the truth far enough to cause a chaos in society. With a certain motives, an individual can make a news about how a Commercial Mineral Water is not distilled and purified well enough so it still contains unwanted substance. He spread it through WhatsApp and in picosecond everybody starts ostensibly buy other mineral water products and boycotting the mineral water from the bad news.

The use of Fictionized Truth or in popular terms we call it Hoax have often appeared in this 21st Century. With the help of Yellow Journalism it spreads faster than the real news itself. The first news that people take will often be the news they held firm. What’s bad is that this fictionized truth is a negative content, this will impact the publics concern and opinion with certain topics.

The Post-Truth Era is softly entering the world. And sadly it is more popular for the use of politics (see: Post-Truth Politics). We have seen Presidents using false rumors to gain publics emotion and to win the campaign. Some individuals fictionized the truth to debilitate some candidate’s/party’s vote. And some individuals use hoax just to gain popularity.

This is the age where our main teacher is the written text. We trust them by faith, yet text after text that we see or hear is written by people, a subjective individual. But I can assure you though that knowing this doesn’t make you intelligent in deciphering which is true and which is not, but a wise man should feed on the good deed, moral and what’s human. A wizard though, is a wise man who also write literatures of utopian dream and dystopian reality.


Is Information an Important Essence?

“This is the age of the internet” that’s what people call about when they talk about our era. When talking about the internet, few people would mention the huge wave of information it contained. It is the source of knowledge beside book, it is fast, it is omnipresent. People access it every day to see the news and other information they wanted to read. Lots of best things happen in the internet, most of what you want is right on the internet.

The internet have changed human behaviour fundamentally, especially in getting informations and filling their leisure time. Its constant exposure teases us with its aesthetically appeasing contents be it with video, text, or picture. Sure people buy that, and internet now is one of the most staple entity for an individual and for organizations to be modern and to stay connected with where the majority of civilization is going. Even since then, the internet is being regulated in every country in the world because of its threat of security, privacy, piracy, and many more.

But the odd thing is when people starts to use it excessively. People binge it. It is a consumer paradise. You can access everything and about anything and it will give you what you need, pretty much like a djinn or a fairy godmother (don’t take it literal about this though lol). This instant gratification you get from the internet tends you to get you lazy, especially to those procrastinator people out there like me.

Sure it is not bad for binging the internet. Information is good for you, to be a knowledgeable people. But I think being exist in the world is not much with only being to know something, but also what you can do with the information you get. Existing in the world isn’t much about being a consumer all the time. I think it is best to give what you get from the internet to other people. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, you can start with the simplest things you can think, as long as it will change them to be a better person.